This facinating tour covers the gushing hot springs and boiling mud pools of the geothermal area at Krísuvík, a region of great beauty in a lunar landscape surrounded by a ring of brooding mountains. A visit to the Blue Lagoon for a relaxing swim provides a relaxing end to a memorable tour.

Geothermal Activity at Krýsuvík

The Krýsuvík Geothermal Area is characterized by mud pots, hot springs, steaming vents, and vibrant mineral deposits that color the landscape. This intense geothermal activity is due to Iceland’s tectonic plates.

Iceland is traversed by the Mid-Atlantic Rift, with the western part of the country, including Reykjavík, the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, and the Westfjords, located on the North American tectonic plate, while the eastern part, including the East Fjords and Vatnajökull National Park, lies on the Eurasian plate.

This rift runs through the Reykjanes Peninsula, significantly impacting the landscape. As the plates pull apart, magma rises close to the earth’s surface, heating groundwater and creating geothermal areas.

Krýsuvík is not the only geothermal hotspot on the peninsula; Gunnuhver and a hot spring beneath the lake of Kleifarvatn are also notable.

The separation of these tectonic plates makes the Reykjanes Peninsula prone to earthquakes. The area is dotted with cone-shaped volcanoes and covered in lava rock, evidencing a long volcanic history.

Exploring Krýsuvík

Krýsuvík stands out as a geothermal area well-prepared for visitors. Walkways safely guide you across the uneven terrain to various features, with numerous signs explaining the geothermal and geological forces at play.


  • Seltún

  • Grænavatn

  • Kleifarvatn

  • Blue Lagoon

Pick-up is at the prearranged time from your accommodation in Reykjavik.

Meals are not included on this tour. There will be a stop at a diner/restaurant on our way, but you can also bring along some packed lunch. Prices are for the vehicle, not per person. Addmission to the Blue Lagoon not included.