Prices shown in list are prices when starting the transfer in the Reykjavik area. Some transfers can start at Keflavik airport and those have a price of 490 ISK airport fee is added automatically to the price. All the transfers listed are one way. The travel times are estimates and can vary depending on traffic conditions.

Destination Duration Price 1-4 pax Price 5-8 pax
Blue Lagoon 1 hr 18.000 ISK 23.500 ISK
Borgarnes 1 hr 29.900 ISK 38.300 ISK
Hellisheidi power plant 30 mins 13.200 ISK 17.100 ISK
Hotel Búðir 2 hrs 70.500 ISK 91.500 ISK
Hotel Grimsborgir 1 hr 27.500 ISK 35.500 ISK
Hotel ION 1 hr 19.500 ISK 25.000 ISK
Hotel Rangá 1.5 hrs 41.500 ISK 54.000 ISK
Hotel Húsafell 2 hrs 51.000 ISK 66.000 ISK
The Lava Tunnel 40 mins 17.000 ISK 22.000 ISK
Vik in Mýrdal 3 hrs 78.000 ISK 102.000 ISK
Select your destination in Iceland

Here you select the private transfer you are looking for, just click on the destination and go to the next step.

Select the date of the transfer

Which is were you select the date of the transfer

Select rate starting either in Reykjavik or Keflavik airport

In Rate you select your starting location, either in the Reykjavik area or at Keflavik airport.

select how many are travelling

Select the number of passengers

Finish the booking of the transfer

Now you see that since you selected 1-4 passengers from Keflavik airport a pre-ticket box shows up which is the airport fee. This wouldn´t show if you select a   transfer starting in the Reykjavik area