Tour Description


This tour begins with a drive north through the dramatic mountains scenery of Hvalfjörður fjord, site of Iceland’s last working whaling station until the suspension of whaling in 1986, and along the shore to the picturesque fishing port of Akranes.

Today a bustling town of some 5.200 inhabitants, Akranes is said by the medieval Landnámabók, Icelandic’s unique Book of the Settlements to have been first settled by two Irish brothers in the year AD880. The tour continues with a visit to the local folk museum, whose fascinating collection includes a 19th-century English schooner and 1912 Model- T Ford car. Nearby, stands a monument engraced in Gaelic and presented by the people of Ireland to the town in 1974 to mark the 1,100th aniversary of the settlement of Iceland.

The tour returns to Reykjavík via the Hvalfjörður tunnel. The tunnel, which was opened on 11th July 1998, is 5,762 m long, including 3,700 m under the sea, with a maximum depth of 165 m below sea level.

Duration: 4 hrs.


Prices are for the vehicle, not per person.